Asbestos testing performed by a trained technician

Technician callout

If you don’t feel confident collecting your own asbestos sample, bSure Testing provides a nationwide callout service.

One of our trained technicians will visit your property and collect the necessary samples, offering total peace of mind.

How to remove asbestos from your property

Licenced or non-licenced removals

The type of asbestos being removed, and the degree of damage to the material during removal, will determine whether an HSE-licensed or a non-licensed contractor is required to complete the work.

Both types of contractors must be appropriately accredited/qualified for the type of work carried out. Whether you need a HSE Licensed Contractor or not, our experts will work with you to identify the correct course of action for your scenario.

We offer independent asbestos advice

Request a quote

Whatever your query, one of our asbestos experts will help guide you through all the necessary steps to identify, test and remove asbestos.