The Opportunity

For contractors who wish to undertake Notifiable Non Licensed (Removal) Work (NNLW), bSure provides a robust and safe support package that we believe is unique. Combining training, health and safety procedural guidance, and compliance support into a single solution, we offer a subscription service that meets all requirements under the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012.

Our support package

Includes a subscription service that allows you to access to comprehensive health & safety procedures, CAR Compliant record keeping systems, and independent audits.

The package enables you to continue to undertake removal work in a safe, regulation compliant and controlled way.

How does our subscription service work?

We provide training in relation to the ‘duty to manage’ and Notifiable Non-Licensed (Removal) Work (NNLW)
We provide advice on appropriate method statements, risk assessments which apply when undertaking work of this nature. Our Advisory scheme keeps you informed of regulatory changes and requirements.
We ensure you implement a compliant Health and Safety regime.

Benefits to you

Certainty: we take care of CAR 2012 compliance requirements and provide access to experts who can answer queries in a practical way

Effective: we tailor courses so that you and your staff understand the ‘Duty to Manage’, Health & Safety requirements and can carry out NNLW in complete confidence

Comprehensive: By taking ownership of the record keeping process, our subscription service ensures you are fully conversant/compliant with current (CAR 2012) regulations

Added value: we offer an annual audit service, medical screening, and additional training services

Independence: our service is entirely independent and our accredited training and knowledge can be relied upon

How to join

As bSure seeks to provide bespoke services to meet our customer’s individual needs, we would suggest giving us a call initially to discuss your requirements.  We would then be pleased to compile a bespoke proposal and quotation for you.

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