To help clients understand the complexities of managing asbestos, we have a team that provides advice on legislation, regulations and governance.

We offer a range of technical support to our clients. Those requiring practical guidance can call us for specific information, and get the most up-to-date knowledge on any asbestos issue.

As an additional service we help clients to design their approach to managing asbestos. Embracing the use of self-sampling often requires significant change and raises issues of health and safety. We use our expertise and knowledge in this specialist subject to make the transition as simple as possible. Our service involves a detailed analysis of the existing approach used by the organization, design of a new process and overseeing the implementation.

We make sure any new procedure enables existing health and safety practices to be fully protected and support those carrying out sampling to do so in a structured and safe manner.

We do this by providing a fully accredited training programme that is tailored specifically to the needs of those involved.


Areas of expertise

• Asbestos Regulations
• Sampling
• Air Monitoring
• Notifiable Non-Licensed Works
• Training