Commercial property owners are obligated under the Control of Asbestos Regulation (2012) to manage all potential risks from asbestos. This includes performing an Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) Survey. There are two types of ACM survey: A management survey, and a refurbishment/demolition survey. We can help you complete the relevant survey to the required standards.

Management Survey

A management survey is required for the occupation and use of a premises with ACM. It is usually performed by a surveyor, but can be performed by the duty manager in simple cases.

The survey assesses the premise to ensure that:

  • ACM don’t pose a threat to occupants
  • any ACM are in a good condition
  • occupation of the premises won’t disturb any ACM and release toxic fibres into the air

Any remedial work required will be detailed in the survey.

Refurbishment/Demolition Survey

A refurbishment/demolition survey is required for any premises with ACM which is undergoing renovation or demolition. This will be performed by a surveyor.

The survey ensures that:

  • ACM don’t pose a threat to anyone working on the premises
  • any ACM are located and identified before any construction begins
  • work is performed by a qualified contractor using the correct techniques

During surveying, ACMs are destructively tested and the premises must be certified for re-occupation after the survey.

Any remedial work required will be detailed in the survey.

Enquire About an Asbestos Survey

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