Unauthorised Asbestos Removal

A London construction company has been fined after a serious breach in removal of asbestos. In February 2018, Protostar Construction Ltd (PCL) commissioned an asbestos survey at a site located in Finchley Road, London. The survey identified a significant amount of asbestos, and provided a detailed report on how it should be dealt with. The […]

Duty Holders to Manage Asbestos

We recently came across a letter from a local EHO (Environmental Health Officer) explaining the duty to manage asbestos in shops/pubs and offices, and other commercial premises built before the year 2000. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 places legal duties to manage asbestos upon business owners, and those responsible for buildings maintenance. It states […]

Schools failing to report asbestos details

The government asked schools to provide details of asbestos, and how they are managing it by May 31st last year, but it seems nearly a quarter of schools in England (23%) have not done so. The Public Accounts Committee says it is ‘seriously concerned’ about the Department for Educations lack of information about asbestos in […]

Illegal fly-tipping of asbestos on the increase

Fly-tipping is on the increase, and the country is seeing more and more asbestos being dumped, costing local councils thousands of pounds in the safe removal and disposal. Recently, a rogue commercial operator in the Nottingham area is suspected of being responsible for a number of cases across the district. The costs and dangers of […]

School Refurbishment Works Sees Asbestos Exposure Blunder

Two construction companies have been fined after their subcontractors were exposed to asbestos fibres. 2016 saw some refurbishment works carried out in a junior school in Derby. The subcontractors were removing suspended ceiling tiles from rooms when they entered a store room which had a suspended ceiling containing asbestos. Unaware of the ceiling tiles containing […]