Can I safely remove asbestos from my property?

Asbestos removal

You must never handle or try to remove asbestos yourself.

Asbestos becomes harmful once it has been disturbed as this causes the fibres to be released. When fibres are released they pose significant risk to your health as they are easily inhaled, not just by yourself, but others around you.

If you encounter what you suspect is asbestos, you should stop work immediately, keep the area isolated and seek specialist advice as to what to do next.

Whatever property you are working on, if asbestos is present, this can only be removed by trained licensed or non-licensed removal technicians.

How to remove asbestos from your property

Licensed or non-licensed removals

The type of asbestos being removed, and the degree of damage to the material during removal, will determine whether an HSE-licensed or a non-licensed contractor is required to complete the work.

Both types of contractors must be appropriately accredited/qualified for the type of work carried out. Whether you need a HSE Licensed Contractor or not, our experts will work with you to identify the correct course of action for your scenario.

How much does it cost to remove asbestos?

Asbestos removal quotes

The cost of removing asbestos will vary depending on the quantity, type and location of the asbestos material.

Our independent experts will help you understand your requirements and appoint the most cost effective and appropriate asbestos removal contractors.

Has your property tested positive for asbestos?

Speak to our experts

If you are a commercial or domestic property owner, or a trades person involved in building work, talk to us about the asbestos materials that have been identified and we will guide you through every stage of this process to ensure you are compliant with HSE regulations.