It's your duty

If you are responsible for onsite personnel or you have a ‘Duty To Manage’ asbestos in buildings you have an obligation to reduce the risk from asbestos.

Should asbestos fibres be accidentally released and inhaled, they can cause serious and fatal diseases. Our advisers will work with you to understand your specific situation and involvement in the asbestos process. We will clearly explain your specific responsibilities and provide precise advice and support on the regulations and compliance that are relevant to you.

Our consultancy services offer sound and practical advice to help you meet your responsibilities as an employer. This will help you to manage the process of compliance, as well as ongoing safe asbestos management.

Services include:

  • Group/Organisation Level Policy and Plan development
  • Review and validate existing policies and procedures
  • Ongoing asbestos management strategies
  • Develop re-inspection programmes
  • Accredited training courses at all levels
  • Provision of technical services including: Survey, Remedial works, Air monitoring

You’ll have our team of asbestos specialists to help you achieve and manage your ongoing asbestos compliance.

Get in touch, our team are here to offer independent advice