bSure Testing is one of the most respected and dependable providers of asbestos services and consultancy in the UK, offering the whole spectrum of asbestos services to clients in various industries and sectors. bSure holds the philosophies of innovation and independence at the heart of its business ethos. We are proud to approach the asbestos industry from a unique standpoint, by providing products and services, which are continually evolved in response to client demands and requirements. Our close relationships with industry legislators, coupled with the extensive industry knowledge, maintained by all our employees, ensures a second to none industry reputation is retained.  

Our original business process of self-sampling, remains a fundamental part of our core service, but today, we additionally offer complimentary services not limited to, asbestos, training/accreditation, surveys, asbestos register compilation, notifiable non-licensed removal services, expert consultancy to name a few.

In 2004, bSure independently reviewed and researched the cost of asbestos removal. Our findings concluded that the insurance market was often paying inflated costs for asbestos removal, when this was sometimes unnecessary. We established that an autonomous self-sampling solution, would be more effectual and gainful in managing the risk of asbestos.

bSure’s self-sampling solution has become widely recognised within the industry as a market leading and much- imitated initiative.

In 2017, we expanded our sampling process, to be accessible to any member of the general public, who has a requirement to sample a suspect building material. We often receive enquiries from, general tradespersons, home owners, DIY enthusiasts, in fact anybody who needs to identify, if a building material contains asbestos, before renovation work is carried out. In providing this accessible service, we have enabled our clients to accurately identify and manage the risk of asbestos.