Four month prison sentence for illegal fly-tipping of ASBESTOS

This should act as a severe warning, say the Police and Environmental Health Officers.

August 2018 saw a large amount of asbestos waste and other building materials illegally dumped in North York Moors National Park.

Darren Goddard was tracked down by operation eye-ball after he dumped a large amount of waste in Danby, near Whitby.

The custodial sentence imposed by the court earlier this month is hoped to send out a strong message to others that are thinking about dumping waste in our precious countryside, that it is totally unacceptable.

Members of the public are encouraged to help in the crack down on fly-tipping, where-ever it is, record as many details about the incident and the waste as possible, and report it to the local authority or via the website.

New powers are coming into effect to allow councils to issue penalties to households who give their waste to unlicensed people. It is advised that anyone who is having work done on their property, or has paid someone to take their waste away, must make sure they are registered with the Environment Agency.

You can check if people are registered by clicking here.

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