We are experts in tackling the risk of asbestos. We offer a variety of asbestos related services for a range of clients. Whether its testing, managing or removing asbestos; we are here to help every step of the way.

bsure asbestos sampling background

Asbestos Testing

We supply self-contained testing kits that provide all the protective equipment you need to safely take samples and to get them tested by a UKAS accredited laboratory.

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Online Courses

Our Asbestos Awareness Training covers all areas of asbestos awareness and is designed for anyone that may come in to contact with asbestos as part of their job.

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Training & Accreditation

Classroom based training sessions for Awareness, Sampling and NNLW, delivered by highly qualified, experienced, practical experts. Courses are IATP accredited. Accreditation is recognised as an industry standard for sampling and adheres to the current Asbestos regulations.

bCompliant asbestos NNLW background

NNLW (Notifiable Non-Licensed Work)

A subscription training and audit service enabling general restoration operatives to become competent in safely and legally removing non-licensed ACMS, predominantly textured coating, Marley Type floor tiles and bitumen adhesive.

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Asbestos Surveying

We offer both Asbestos Management Surveys and R&D Surveys, that ultimately produce an Asbestos register, allowing commercial building owners, landlords and occupying companies to stay within HSE Guidelines

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Our expert consultation service will guide you through setting up your company policy for Asbestos liability, helping you ultimately comply fully with current legislations, your duty to manage and minimise your liability.